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Pixel-Perfect Website Work

Mimoji image of Melissa Sawyer Grair's likeness - white, femme, with shoulder-length blonde, straightish hair, grey-blue eyes, a nosering in their left nostril, an open-mouthed smile on their face with a lightbulb over their head and a floating right hand with the index finger up, indicating an idea

Sawyer Coding is the place to go for all your website needs. I’ve done website work with campaigns, nonprofit organizations, political groups, writers, community coalitions, and public figures. I’ve built websites from scratch, updated existing sites, and taken over incomplete projects from other contractors.

I pride myself on my ability to deliver high-quality work, quickly. I don’t stop working until I get the job done right. I specialize in WordPress websites, but I am also a capable full-stack developer and can teach myself other web-building platforms quickly. My experience in teaching HTML, CSS, and JavaScript make me well-equipped to add custom-code solutions to fit your project needs.

I’m skilled at understanding what a client wants and explaining technical concepts in easy-to-understand ways, both skills that were developed in my 8+ years as an educator. I also provide ongoing support so clients can focus on their mission instead of getting bogged down by content updates and new technology. My a-la-cart, wrap-around services allow you to choose the deliverables and level of ongoing support that align with your unique needs. I’ll make sure you understand how your website works, and I even provide video and written tutorials for clients that want clear directions to keep their site updated as new content is created and and old content changes.